iLIQ for parents

Do you want to guard your children against scalding their tongue with hot beverages? Many times children aren’t patient enough to wait until the brewed tea has the correct drinking temperature. Particularly when they are sick. With iLIQ, you can rapidly cool a hot drink to a suitable drinking temperature. The temperature display shows you a dependable overview of the present temperature. Forget the long pause and the dread of scalding. No more tasting if the drink is still excessively hot. Your tongue will thank you too.

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iLIQ for tea gourmets and busy people

Tea reflects cultures and civilizations around the world. Despite the fact that its real core must constantly be preserved, tea and the culture of its preparation are always developing. However, numerous things must be considered on the off chance if you desire to get the most out of the leaves while setting up your tea. That is the kind of tea, the water quality, the water temperature, the filter, the brewing time, and ultimately the tea set for each kind of tea.
In particular, the water temperature should be chosen by the type of tea. Diverse teas require unique water temperatures to complement the taste and smell of the tea leaves. Utilizing iLIQ, you can get the perfect water temperature before you start making tea.
Are you in a hurry in the morning and don’t want to waste time? In any case, you would prefer not to surrender the naturally blended tea or coffee – and you have already burned your tongue or more regrettable, your throat. You may suppose nothing awful has occurred, but continued scalding can give health problems. An international group of researchers discovered that a normal consumption of drinks greater than sixty-five degrees Celsius might even lead to esophageal cancer.
Just use ILIQ to keep a strategic distance from such accidents. With iLIQ you can chill your hot beverage to the desired temperature in a matter of seconds. So you can enjoy your hot drink relaxed, and earlier than you leave your house.

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ILIQ for health-conscious wine consumers

Various investigations have demonstrated expanding liquor levels in wine in the course of recent decades. Different measures to optimize practices in the area of viniculture, viticulture, plant nutrition, crop protection, microbiology and enology, and climate change all prompt an overall increase in alcohol content. Wines with excessive liquor levels show up gradually as bitter. Moreover, the taste diminishes, and the wines can sometimes appear inharmonious. Therefore, the question progressively emerges: How much alcohol does wine really need? (Schmitt, 2016)
Would you like to make your preferred wine without a lot of liquor? iLIQ helps you to reduce the alcohol content of your wine effectively under residential conditions.

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