iLIQ is a 2-in-1 Solution

Cooler & Wine Aerator

iLIQ cooling function

An appliance that cools hot drinks in your glass or cup without delay, and around five times quicker than natural cooling. The ideally-shaped wind current, which uses a patent-pending technical solution, ensures that no drop spills out of the glass. The iLIQ shows the correct temperature of your beverage through an LED indicator. An acoustic alert informs you when the desired temperature is reached. The Li-ion battery powered gadget with battery level pointer has sufficient capacity for reliable and high performance for up to 60 minutes. The ILIQ works discreetly and works with the most commonly used cups and glasses. Because of its compact size, the device can sit in any kitchen.

Cooling characteristic vary depending on the cup used. Diagram shows the characteristic when using a cup with inner diameter 9.5cm and water volume 300ml.

iLIQ wine aerating function for Alcohol reduction

Reducing characteristic vary strongly depending on the glass used. Diagram shows the characteristic when using a glass with inner diameter 9,7cm and wine volume 150ml.

The ILIQ can be used to reduce the alcohol content of wine. The gadget can be used simply and is put onto a wide glass. The ideally-shaped airflow reduces the alcohol contained in the wine. The chart indicates ordinary values of alcohol reduction in red wine. Obviously, these features can work with various different kinds of wine. The evaporation of the alcohol removes the heat from the environment. Thus, in addition to reducing the alcohol, the treated wine is also cooled. Typically this cooling effect could be cooling from 22 ° C to 18 ° C * within a few minutes. *It does depend on the state of the glass, the quantity of alcohol in the wine, and the starting temperature.
Has the red wine just been standing in the fridge and is it too cold? Due to the aeration, the temperature of the wine will be adjusted more quickly to the recommended temperature. Again, you can use the alarm as well.