Passionately committed


Managing Partner and impatient tea gourmet, responsible for product design and supply-chain-management


business accounting and customer service support

Our Mission

The Perfect Cup of Tea
The Perfect Glass of Wine

"Drink your drinks exactly as you like them!"

We have developed this innovation to ensure that every cup of tea or glass of wine you have is the very best one you have ever had.

Our Story

Our company started with an everyday problem that needed a solution. In the morning you want to get out of the house quickly, so there is no time to enjoy a cup of tea. Why? The tea is still brewing and is too hot to drink. One has the choice of burning one’s tongue, to take the tea in a to-go cup, simply to refrain from having a cuppa or even, to make the tea cool faster. A (technical) solution was needed.
Hundreds of cups of (pleasantly “temperatured”) tea later turned a hobby project into a production-ready device. With a crowdfunding campaign, we now want to gather the necessary financial resources for the production of iLIQ.